Lauren Hartley

Lauren Danica Hartley is an Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries and the step-daughter of Death Eater Augustus Rookwood. She is an avid user of anti-aging potions, which make her appear seventeen even though she is thirty-nine. Traumatized by the loss of her father, Lauren has made it her quest to find a way to stop death, whatever the cost.

Early lifeEdit

Lauren was born to Richard and Lois Hartley on May 25, 1966. She is maternal first-cousins with Lucius Malfoy. After her father died in 1965, her mother became afraid of death. Lois began to take anti-aging potions. Lauren was raised to fear death, and she began taking the potions at age seventeen. After she graduated from Hogwarts, Lauren left home to travel the world- and find a way to counter death, still devastated by the loss of her father.

Her mother, Lois, remarried to a man with whom Lauren got along rather well, when she was home: Augustus Rookwood. Augustus treated Lauren like his own daughter, and she was yet again tormented when he was sent to Azkaban for aiding Lord Voldemort. Lauren stayed home to help raise her siblings and began working in the Ministry of Magic to further her research on death.

Present dayEdit

Currently, Lauren works for her the sister of her cousin-in-law, Andromeda Tonks, in the department her stepfather worked for before being imprisoned in Azkaban (the first time). His status as a known Death Eater is a source of constant strain for Lauren, as coworkers and acquaintances constantly harass her for it.

She is conflicted over which side she will ultimately choose, because she has heard of powerful dark magic that could be the key to her victory over death and she has been around the Death Eaters for years, but she is gentle-natured and would never harm anyone, if she could avoid it.