Ange de la Mort

Nicole Fier is a French half-Veela witch who practices the Dark Arts under the pseudonym "Ange de la Mort." She has a following in France, though nowhere near that which follows Lord Voldemort in England. Nicole is a Beauxbatons graduate, and her sister Jolie is a Death Eater.

Early lifeEdit

Nicole Amiree Fier, born on April 18, 1972, is the middle-daugther of Sophie and Louis Fier. Like her sisters, she attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. She moved out as soon as she was of age, eager to enhance her knowledge of the Dark Arts. As the Fier family has an untarnished reputation to the outside world, Nicole had to create an alias for herself to use in the field of dark magic: Ange de la Mort (Angel of Death).

Section headingEdit

She wears a disguise when terrorizing the French Wizarding World; she doesn't want to her family to be put in danger because of her activities. Nicole has quite a following of her own, but it is nowhere near the size of that of the Dark Lord Voldemort. She hopes to go down in history as a great Dark Sorceress, and has pondered forming an alliance with Lord Voldemort.