Ryan Nott

Ryan Nott is the Lord of Nott Villa and a Death Eater in the service of Lord Voldemort. He fought in the First Wizarding War and currently fights in the Second. Ryan is the husband of Isobel Dun Broch-Nott and the father of Theodore and Niamh.

Early life and the First Wizarding WarEdit

Ryan Nott was born and bred a Pureblood, trained to believe Muggles were little more than filth and those who sympathized with them were weak-minded. He fit in well in Slytherin, where he was in the same year as Lucius. Ryan met his future wife, Isobel, at Hogwarts during a meeting of the Slug Club. They were married shortly after school, and they would eventually have a son named Theodore.

Ryan lost his father when he was twenty. He developed a drinking problem- one which included heavy amounts of Firewhiskey, as he hates Butterbeer. Isobel tried to convince him to stop drinking, and after a few years, he got his vice under control. Unfortunately, it has a habit of returning when something traumatic happens in Ryan's life.

Ryan fought for the Dark Lord in the First Wizarding War, and he tried to rally the Death Eaters to strike on the Ministry in retaliation when the Dark Lord fell. Most of them went off the radar, and a frustrated Ryan resigned himself to living a normal life.

The Second Wizarding WarEdit

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He was thrilled when the Dark Lord returned, as it gave him a chance to fight for what he believed in with like-minded people. He has a long-standing rivalry with Augustus Rookwood, which was made exponentially worse when Rookwood took to ridiculing Theodore, who was killed in the Battle of Little Hangleton. Ryan has once again resorted to drinking to cope, and he hopes to see Theo's girlfriend Daphne become the Death Eater he had always hoped his son to be.