Selene Gallio

The ancient mutant Selene Gallio, who has now become a full-fledged goddess, possesses the ability to drain the life forces of others in order to sustain herself, which she has done for countless millennia.  She is currently the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, which is based at Essex Manor in England.

Early lifeEdit

Selene Diana Gallio was born after "the ocean swallowed Atlantis" and before "the rise of the sons of Aryas" to parents she can no longer remember.

When Selene was born, the tribal elders ordered the people to sacrifice themselves to Selene, giving her their life force until they all were dead.  This gave her her name.  Selene possesses the power to absorb the life forces of others at will, and these absorbed lives sustain her and keep her young.  After using a large amount of her powers, or denied a supply of life energy for an extended amount of time, she loses her youth and power, before finally dying and turning to dust.  The exact amount of time she can survive without other's life energy is unknown.  She is the only known surviving External.  Selene was wed to Marcus Domitius Gallio, and she was later widowed. 

She spent time in the Roman Empire.  She later created Nova Roma in Brazil, using her powers to trick everyone into believing it was part of the Roman Empire and forcing its people to worship her as Dark Priestess.  In New York, Selene met Rachel Summers and tried to take her life force, but was stopped by the X-Men.  Soon after, Selene became interested in the Hellfire Club, and soon joined and became the Black Queen.  Selene’s powers include Life-Force Absorption (Subcatagory: Psychic Vampire), Physical Enhancement (Subcatagories: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Endurance, Superhuman Reflexes, Superhuman Speed), Shadow-Morphing, Astral Projection, Pyrokinesis,Telepathy (Subcatagories: Psi-Screen, Mental Bolts, Hypnotic Trance), Immortality (Subcatagory: Rapid Healing), Sorcery, and Darkforce or Shadow Manipulation. 

The presentEdit

Selene has a very strained relationship with the Hellfire Club’s White Queen, Emma Frost.  Recently, the two were assigned by Sebastian Shaw, the Club’s Black King, to abduct the youngest child of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.  Selene is uncertain why this was requested of her, but draining Narcissa’s life force was enjoyable, until Emma convinced Selene that killing her would be pointless.  The duo returned to the Hellfire Club’s current base of operations, Essex Manor, with the child, and Selene currently awaits the next phase of the plan.