Stella Ravenwood

Gryffindor student and Hogwarts Head Girl Stella Ravenwood is a part-Mermish witch with aspirations of becoming an Auror.

Early lifeEdit

Stella Harmony Ravenwood was the second child born to Rick and Eliza Ravenwood (nee Conway), after her sister, Rachel. Her father's family are Purebloods, but her distant ancestors on her mother's side were merpeople. To remain in touch with her roots, Stella has learned to speak beginner-level Mermish. Stella was brought up in the Wizarding World, and her powers first surfaced when she was three; she stumbled upon her mother's wand, and inadvertently shot sparks from it, destroying an antique vase.

Both Rachel and Stella were sorted into Gryffindor upon entering Hogwarts. Stella has always excelled in school, and scored all "O"s on her O.W.L.s, except for one "E," in Care of Magical Creatures. She enjoys spending time with her friends, shopping, and reading. She hopes to one day become an Auror and help to prevent the spread of dark magic and its followers.

The presentEdit

Stella will begin her seventh year of Hogwarts as Head Girl and Chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team.