Vega Black

Vega Black is a Death Eater installed by Lord Voldemort to spy on her cousin Andromeda Tonks and the rest of the Ministry of Magic by working as an Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries. Her loyalty is to Lord Voldemort, but she is somewhat conflicted by her renewed connection with her disowned cousin.

Early lifeEdit

Vega Alexa Black is the oldest daughter of Araminta and Rigel Black, born on November 15, 1957. She was always close to her younger sister Gaia, younger brother Antares, and cousins Narcissa and Bellatrix. She always liked Andromeda but had to cease communication with her when Andromeda was disowned. Like the rest of the Black Family apart from Sirius, Vega was sorted into Slytherin at Hogwarts, and the principles of blood supremacy were drilled into her head from an early age.

The presentEdit

Currently, Vega is working for Andromeda in the Ministry... sort of. In reality, she is spying on Andromeda for Voldemort to get information on the projects that the Department of Mysteries are working on. Vega has worked her entire life to earn the Dark Lord's favor and become the ideal Death Eater. When the time comes, Vega will have to choose between loyalty to her cousin... and loyalty to Voldemort.