A product of the Weapon X Program, Vyolet has no memory of her early life.  She has been a circus performer and a member of the Thieves Guild, but she has found a home with the X-Men, who she fights alongside with her ability to manipulate energy.

Early lifeEdit

Vy was in the Weapon X program when she was a very young child. Her memory was wiped, and her earliest was around when she was seven. With no one to care for her and nowhere to go, the confused girl wandered in the forests of Romania, barely keeping herself alive. Whenever she got close to civilization, the people feared her because of her strange appearance; the entirety of her skin is filled with purple cracks that house a moving, lava-like form of pure energy. Mobs were often formed, even hunting parties, with her as the quarry. This instilled in her a desperate fear of crowds and unfamiliar people. When she was somewhere in her teens, she came across a German circus traveling through the woods. She observed them for several days before she met Kurt Wagner. After trust was slowly built, Kurt began to teach her, and she joined the circus , creating fireworks and light effects behind the scenes. Kurt is also responsible for giving her the name "Vyolet" after the color of the substance in her skin.

When the circus was bought and moved to America, Kurt forced Vyolet to leave while they were still in Europe. However she stowed away on a boat to the US, ending up in Louisiana during Mardi Gras. Trying desperately to control her powers despite her fear of the crowd, she was attacked. In order to keep the block from blowing up, Vy gave up on defending herself, choosing death than to hurt the people around her. She was saved, however, by Gambit. Gambit trained her as a thief. Her powers made her very skilled at it, and she became a full member of the Thieves Guild. She left however, when she discovered Kurt's wearabouts. She would not she Gambit again for many years. When she and Kurt returned to Germany, it was discovered that Kurt's adopted brother had gone mad and murdered someone. Kurt accidently killed him when he tried to stop him, and Kurt and Vy were chased by a mob. It was Professor Xavier who saved them, and they both joined the X-men.

Vyolet kept her past with the Thieves Guild a mystery, shutting even Professor X and Jean from that part of her mind. She wished to hide it from her friends, ashamed of the things she'd done. Recently, however, this part of her past has been discovered.

The presentEdit

Vyolet is currently dating Kurt Wagner, and the duo joined Cyclops, Phoenix, Shadowcat, and Wolverine on the mission to England.  Vyolet was injured in the explosion and lost consciousness.